1. Oh won't you stay: Young entrepreneurs push peers to stay in ...

    Oh won't you stay: Young entrepreneurs push peers to stay in ...
    Entrepreneur and Cambridge City Councilor-elect Leland Cheung wants young people stay in Mass. Leland Cheung has been a entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and a D.C. technocrat, striving to grow the tech community from the inside. Now, at age 31, he ...
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    1. Community does matter to a lot of people when they're making their decision about where to grow their companies.
    2. The reason why it's so great to have a space for young people is that nobody asks them about their opinion.
    3. It's surprising. Anyone on the younger side of things must think I'm the token entrepreneur, the token young person — that's just not the state of affairs.
    4. I have a real interest in economic revitalization and whenever an opportunity comes about to speak on behalf of my generation as an entrepreneur in Holyoke, I'm there.
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