1. Western Mass. homeowners advised to check policies to see if values are in keeping with dropping replacement costs

    MassPIRG advises consumers to “demonstrate with their feet” if they think they are being overcharged.
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    1. We cannot rely on insurance companies to voluntarily (reduce the coverage) so we should force them to. This really ought to be investigated.
    2. We know the insurance companies started aggressively upping the policies when the construction costs soared. They ought to have the same consideration for the consumer and reduce them when we know construction costs have come down.
    3. We are getting data suggesting builders' profit margins are approaching zero. There are many factors, including a weak market, new unworkable appraisal standards and ... the desire to remain in business and maintain the building team until the market turns upward.
    4. Our message continues to be to shop around. Get aggressive. Get savvy with your money.
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