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    Elaborating, he said MassMutual has done so essentially by focusing on what he called the “basics.”
    And by this he means the three main pillars of the company’s operations — providing customers with financial security, paying the best dividends, and providing exceptional customer service.
    For example, the company has “doubled down” on its roster of agents, going from 3,700 a few years ago to more than 5,000 today, he said, while also investing in new products, including a number of creative life insurance options, designed to meet the various needs of customers.

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    1. I was looking through a fishing magazine, and found this woman in New Hampshire who does wood carvings of what are usually trout or salmon.
    2. We literally sell the same type of policy today.
    3. So the guy I worked for said, 'at least you'll have one person to call.
    4. So we've actually been able to take market share as well as grow over the past three or four years.
    5. He said he would skate not to where the puck was, but to where he thought he would be.
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