1. Patrick’s jobs czar: we’re almost back - BostonHerald.com

    Patrick’s jobs czar: we’re almost back - BostonHerald.com

    Bialecki said he is planning a new initiative to woo companies from the metropolitan New York area, targeting financial services and information technology firms. He hopes some of those companies will consider relocating customer service jobs outsourced abroad so they are closer to home, particularly in the lower-cost Springfield area.
    A successful example, he said, is a Liberty Mutual customer service call center located in downtown Springfield, announced in 2008.

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    1. We're getting to a point where you've got more and more Massachusetts companies that are doing better and hiring.
    2. It's clear the recovery in Massachusetts has had a different effect on individuals. But I do think the governor and I think it's time to look forward and go back to thinking of some of the big long-term challenges.
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