1. $400,000 grant boosts job training at Soldier On in Leeds

    NORTHAMPTON - A veterans organization in Leeds will receive federal money to provide its clients job training and other employment assistance, it was announced Monday.

    Soldier On will receive $400,000 this year to continue work on two programs that, in the past year, have assisted 150 veterans at risk of becoming homeless in the four western Massachusetts counties.

    "This is part of the continuing care for the veterans who we serve," said Michael Hagmaier, senior vice president for Soldier On.

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    1. This is part of the continuing care for the veterans who we serve.
    2. Going from homeless to homeowner is our model.
    3. Education, skill development and job readiness skills are major impediments for homeless veterans to re-enter the employment market.
    4. Soldier On has a proven track record of success working with community partners to effectively assist homeless veterans.
    5. We're working with the VA in Northampton to build limited equity cooperative apartments on the VA campus.
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