1. Medical Device Session Announced for EDC Growth Sector Series

    Please Save The Date – July 17, 2012 -- for the third installment of the EDC’s Growth Sector Series, New Product
    Opportunities for the Medical Device industry, presented by First Niagara Bank.
    The event will feature keynote speaker Tom Merle from Continuum Advanced
    Systems discussing the challenges of medical device development and a panel of
    industry experts speaking to relevant opportunities, followed by a networking
    reception. These events are free of charge, including the reception.

    Here is a link to the Save the Date notice with more details -- http://www.westernmassedc.com/medicaldevice2012/
    -- Please RSVP to Karen Tetreault at 413-233-9851 or k.tetreault@westernmassedc.com
    at any time if you would like to attend. Please contact Mike Graney at
    413-755-1300 or m.graney@westernmassedc.com with any questions or ideas. We hope to see you on the 17th.

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