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    Employer Stories:
    Five Steps Your Company Can Take Now
    to Control Health Costs

    Every employer wants to contain health costs, but how? What are the best practices being used by other Massachusetts companies? What are the pitfalls?

    AIM’s Health Cost Solution initiative invites owners, CEOs and decision-makers to attend one of six forums featuring conversations with employers who have stories to share about curing the health cost crisis.

    Listen as senior executives from health insurance companies and health-care facilities share innovative strategies employers can use to manage their health benefits.

    Learn how companies are re-thinking the way they purchase and manage health insurance, and helping their employees become knowledgeable consumers of health care. Join the growing number of employers who are using their power as the largest collective purchaser of health insurance to drive changes to the health market.

    Bring your questions, challenges and ideas to a freewheeling discussion of one of the most important issues facing employers. You will leave with concrete steps you can use to control the cost and improve the quality of the health coverage you offer to employees.


    ▪    Taunton | June 8             Taunton Holiday Inn | 700 Miles Standish Blvd.

    ▪    Holyoke | June 13           Log Cabin | 500 Easthampton Road

    ▪    Andover | June 14          Andover Country Club | 60 Canterbury Street

    ▪    Waltham | June 18         Westin Waltham-Boston | 70 Third Avenue

    ▪    Worcester | June 19       Beechwood Hotel | 363 Plantation Street

    ▪    Pittsfield | June 21          Berkshire Country Club | 500 Benedict Road | Pittsfield


    Registration & Costs
    Free for AIM Members and NonMembers.
    Registration is required. Please visit www.aimnet.org/thesolution.

    Check-in 7:30 am | Program 8:00 to 10:00 am

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