1. Qteros, the 'Microsoft of Energy,' Lands in Chicopee

    Qteros, the 'Microsoft of Energy,' Lands in Chicopee
    Business WestQteros, the 'Microsoft of Energy,' Lands in ChicopeeBusiness WestHe should know; MassDevelopment signed an agreement earlier this year to manage demolition and development of the old Uniroyal complex off Grove Street, ...
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    1. We had done some piloting with energy efficiency in Chicopee.
    2. Ken Vincunas, president of Development Associates, had incredible foresight to build at the location.
    3. Chicopee is just such a great place for it.
    4. Keeping it here in Western Mass is key.
    5. Wind, solar, alternative fuel … we're open to all the green technologies that are out there to succeed in the new economy.
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