1. EDC Welcomes new BID Director

    EDC Welcomes new BID Director

    The EDC extends a warm welcome to the Springfield Business Improvement District’s (SBID) new executive director, Donald A. Courtemanche. Prior to his new position, Courtemanche served as the Executive Director for the New Britain CT Downtown District for over nine years.  He plans to draw on his experience in New Britain to tackle similar challenges currently facing Springfield. Courtemanche has a lengthy list of accomplishments, including recruiting more than 80 specialty retailers and office users to New Britain, including a full service grocery, two pharmacies, an independent bookseller, a national clothing retailer and several restaurants, as well as recruiting La Quinta Inn & Suites, which invested $8 million to renovate an abandoned 120 room hotel. In his new position, Courtemanche will continue to work closely with SBID property owners, businesses, city officials, and the general public. He will also be responsible for coordinating special events and programs that will enhance the downtown business district with a focus on real estate.

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