1. EDC Homefield Advantage Program

    The EDC is underway with our newest Homefield Advantage initiative. We are targeting several key sectors in the regional economy and hosting meetings with executives from those sectors in conjunction with an industry leader. Last Friday, Dave Glidden, Market President and Chief Lending Officer for TD Bank, hosted nine bankers to meet with Mike Graney and Ann Burke from the EDC and Mike Vedovelli from the Mass Office of Business Development. The meeting was productive and the EDC was able to hear directly from the bankers about uncertainty for them and their customers about banking reform, health care and other federal issues, as well as talk about the state of this very competitive industry in western Mass. Later this month, Todd Cieplinski from Universal Mind will host IT and software executives and Steve Richter from Microtest will host medical device companies, along with the EDC. Other sector meetings will follow. For more information or to arrange a session with your industry cluster, please contact Mike Graney at 413-755-1300 or m.graney@westernmassedc.com or Ann Burke at 413-755-1374 or a.burke@westernmassedc.com.

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