1. Casino pledge prompts debate

    Casino pledge prompts debateThe Republican - MassLive.comWe deserve the first shot on it," said Burns, pointing to the efforts of the Western Massachusetts Regional Casino Task Force, Palmer's Casino Study ...and more »
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    1. While Palmer's senator and representative are strangely silent on the casino issue, these 10 senators and representatives from Western Mass. had the courage to commit to the fight for jobs, revenue and economic development for Palmer, the Pioneer Valley and all of Western Massachusetts. The support of these senators and representatives is vital to ensuring the success of this project ...
    2. I don't sign those types of pledges until I see the legislation.
    3. We've got a job to do and that's the reality of it. Trying to pressure and force legislators when we have been very clear that we have been doing the homework and trying to gather as much information as possible is completely unfair and it's unreasonable. These people have to calm down and let us do our job. Press releases and threats to get a position out of us is not going to help the cause.
    4. To prejudge any bill before it comes out is not going to be done and I'm not going to be bullied into doing it.
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