1. Holyoke clean energy innovation workshop

    Holyoke clean energy workshop

    Held Nov 9/10 gathered engineers,entrepreneurs,policy makers,researchers,and educators to discuss  and identify test bed opportunities in Holyoke, and look for collaborations and connections for federal funding partnerships, investment,entrepreneurial activity and research in clean energy.

    The innovative Holyoke Gas and Electric generates 73% of its electricity demand from its own hydropower and provides the one of the  lowest electric rates in new England. Its goal is  to expand the portfolio of low cost clean energy resources.  The Holyoke Gas and Electric is committed to innovation and working with leading producers of energy related products and applications, research and systems.

    Workshop participants are working on ideas for collaborations ,partnering and implementation over the next12 -18 months.  In this way, Holyoke and the region become the nexus and test bed for the development of innovative energy research, technologies,products,systems and solutions. 

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