1. “Partnering and R&D with Department of Defense Laboratories”

    On  October 28th, the Economic Development Council of Western Mass. will host Captain Paul Stewart, Commanding Officer of the Naval Research Laboratory, head quartered in Washington, DC.  Capt Stewart will provide small businesses, academics and industry the opportunity to connect and collaborate into the Department of Defense Laboratory system.   Capt Stewart’s presentation on the morning of October 27th at Holyoke Community College is titled  “Partnering and R&D with Department of Defense Laboratories” and will cover a broad range of technical areas and potential pathways for small businesses, industry and academia to partner and collaborate within the DOD Laboratory system.  He will also present an overview and video of the Naval Research Laboratory, the oldest and most acclaimed Federal Lab founded by Thomas Edison. Captain Stewart will  also address future plans and strategy of S&T investment on the topics of Power and Energy (including fuel cells, synthetic fuels, bio fuels, battery technology and photo voltaics), Nanoscience and nano- technology, Autonomy and autonomous systems, materials and chemistry (including polymers), and other topics.  Dr. Rita Manak of the NRL will be available to discuss the business end of tech development and tech transfer including how the process works and avenues such as SBIR and CRADA.  This is an excellent opportunity for researchers and businesses to build some paths and make some connections.  The NRL; however, can aid in making connections into the numerous DOD agencies that provide funding.  For more information or to register to attend,  contact the EDC.

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