1. 2012 European Business Development Mission

    2012 European Business Development Mission


    EDC Senior VP of Business Development Mike Graney will return to Europe in November to continue our international business development initiative. Mike annually attends Medica, the world’s premier medical device trade show in Düsseldorf. He will also represent the EDC as part of a New England’s Knowledge Corridor® (Hartford CT – Springfield MA region) sponsorship of a Dutch medical device regulatory affairs conference two days before Medica. The EDC’s goal is to identify and talk to corporate executives from firms that are interested in U.S. investment, partnerships and/or supply chain, especially in the northeast. Mike will also meet with regional and national economic development and trade and investment agencies with similar industry sector profiles as western Massachusetts. Please contact Mike at m.graney@westernmassedc.com or +1 (413) 755-1300 if you would like to schedule an appointment or recommend a client or member firm that is interested in opportunities in the northeastern U.S. While the conferences are focused on the medical device industry, Mike will meet with interested parties from any industry sector.


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