1. Programming the Future

    Programming the Future
    “The high-performance computing center will generate a lot of heat,” said Kathleen Anderson, director of Holyoke’s Office of Planning and Development. “If we did urban agriculture, we could take the heat from the computing center and pump it into greenhouses or possibly older mill buildings and start growing things.”Such a project, she said, could generate more than 100 jobs. “Then there’s distributors, processing plants up and down the Valley … how do you include them? An asset like that in Holyoke would need distribution, processing, transportation — how can we leverage that asset to help other businesses in the ...
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    1. We want to create a climate for businesses to come, not only to Holyoke, but to the Pioneer Valley.
    2. A lot of people in Holyoke need jobs, so what kind of strategy could we use to create them? What things can we do to deal with that?
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