1. EDC Supports Massachusetts Activities at BIO Convention

    I attended the Biotechnology International Organization (“BIO”) Convention in Washington DC last week. The EDC has been part of the Massachusetts delegation at this convention for a decade.  While there is always some advantage to us to be part of the Massachusetts team, we have cut back on other trade shows where western Mass does not have a significant industry presence. But we retain our participation at BIO for several reasons.

    First, we still believe in the promise of the Massachusetts Life Science Center (“LSC”). The LSC was created to manage the $1 billion Mass Life Science Initiative, announced by Governor Patrick at the 2008 BIO Convention. While scant resources have flowed to western Mass so far, the initiative spans ten years. EDC President and CEO Allan W. Blair and our staff believe that forging personal and business connections between the LSC and the EDC (representing our companies and institutions) at events like BIO makes sense. Simply put, the Commonwealth can support more business and research investment in this industry (via the LSC) than in any other.

    Second, we participate in a series of ancillary activities around BIO, specifically Massachusetts events for national site selectors and international life science and economic development officials, and we make sure that western Mass gets its share of the attention focused on the state.

    Third, the 2012 BIO Convention will be in Boston. The 2007 Convention in Boston set an attendance record for BIO, which the Commonwealth’s team wants to shatter next year.  So, while being on the Massachusetts team is positive under any circumstances, it is especially positive when we’re the home team.

    Fourth, and most important, BIO conventions annually host the largest gathering of international trade and investment, economic development and life science cluster officials to be found anywhere on the planet.  One of the EDC’s strategic initiatives is to increase the participation of western Mass companies in the increasingly global economy.  We do a lot of work with these international officials to include western Mass life science, but also medical device, IT and precision manufacturing, companies for matchmaking, supply chain, customer and B2B connections. Most countries with sophisticated companies in any of these industries will bring large delegations to Boston for BIO and related trade missions before and after. We want them to spend a day of their mission in western Mass or at least open up the possibility for western Mass firms and research institutions to meet with their international counterparts to open up new business opportunities.  If you want to find out more about these opportunities, please contact Michael Graney at 413-755-1300 or m.graney@westernmassedc.com.

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