1. Western Mass Companies Exhibit at Medical Device Conference

    Western Mass Companies Exhibit at Medical Device Conference


    Last week, the EDC coordinated a pavilion for ten companies from the four western counties at the Medical Design and Manufacturing (“MD&M”) conference in New York, the largest medical device trade show on the east coast. This is the second year that we have worked with our colleagues at Western Mass Electric Company/Northeast Utilities and the Precision Manufacturing Regional Alliance Project (“PMRAP”) to host companies at this show. Company participation doubled in 2011. This initiative grew out of the EDC’s role with PMRAP, which was to generate new market opportunities for regional manufacturing firms. In some cases, we focused on new geographic markets (west coast trade shows, European export and B2B opportunities), but in this case, we focused on a new market segment. Many of our manufacturers successfully supply the aerospace, defense and other industrial markets, but see the medical device market as a strategic growth and diversification opportunity. Attending this show allows them to meet new customers, see what their competition is doing and assess their prospects for competing in this marketplace. Their presence reinforces our western Mass sales pitch to companies considering investments and we came out of this show with one solid inbound investment lead and potentially a couple more. But if one of our firms decides to add new lines and hire new employees to fill their new medical device pipeline, that is just as good, if not better, than attracting inbound investment. The EDC will continue this initiative, so anyone interested in future participation or with a show to recommend should contact me at m.graney@westernmassedc.com or 413-755-1300.


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