1. EDC and AIM to Host Logistics Conference

    The EDC and Associated Industries of Massachusetts (“AIM”) are hosting a Logistics Conference on Tuesday afternoon, March 29 at the Sheraton Springfield hotel. The EDC and AIM want to thank conference sponsor, U.S. Trust, and supporters GZA and the Hartford-Springfield Economic Partnership. Here are links to the invitation to the event -- http://www.westernmassedc.com/2011logistics/  -- and to the registration page -- http://www.aimnet.org/AM/template.cfm?section=Login_Logout&template=/security/login.cfm&CFID=3173021&CFTOKEN=93816624  AIM members can easily sign up using their user name and password and others can enter their email address to be taken through a simple registration process. Cost for the event is $25.


    The EDC and AIM have discovered that logistics costs are becoming an increasing share of many firms’ overall expenses, especially for manufacturers and any firm that manages a supply chain. Western Massachusetts has benefited from its historic “Crossroads of New England” location at the intersection of I-90 and I-91, but there are logistics improvements and opportunities from Albany to Boston and from Vermont to the Connecticut shore that can positively impact any New England business. We encourage logistics and distribution providers, manufacturers, supply chain managers, economic developers, planners, academics and public officials to attend. For more information, please contact Mike Graney of the EDC at 413-755-1300  or m.graney@westernmassedc.com or Dawn Creighton at 413-233-9850  or dcreighton@aimnet.org.

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