1. Happy New Year from the EDC

    On behalf of EDC President and CEO Allan Blair and our entire staff, the EDC wishes you a Happy and Successful New Year. In particular, my colleague Anne DeWolf, the primary Editor of the EDC Business News, and I want to thank you for reading our daily updates. We are proud of our technology’s ability to ferret out stories of interest every day, but it’s not infallible, so please send us links to online stories about your firm or industry or releases from your websites. The more times we mention your company or organization, the more likely it is that our web crawler will find future stories about you.


    Our primary goal is to keep the regional business community informed, but in these days of viral communication, you never know where a story may lead. For instance, I visited a partner in a life science firm based in Lyon, France last month, who is interested in a Massachusetts location for his company. He had looked at Cambridge, but suffered sticker shock from the rental cost for lab space there. We had previously talked about western Mass as an alternative. When we met, he asked me informed questions about the Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute and Seahorse Bioscience. I asked him how he knew so much about them and he told me that he had seen an article about their collaboration on my Linked In page (in addition to sending the daily Business News email, our system drives the content out through the EDC’s Linked In and Facebook pages and I include the stories on my Linked In page).


    The story heightened his interest in our region and I expect to host him on his next visit to the U.S. Now, we are still have work to do before we can announce a research partnership between PVLSI and the French firm resulting in a manufacturing contract for Seahorse, but this is how deals start today. And this is why the EDC does what it does and how two of our seemingly unrelated initiatives – sharing news about the region’s businesses and pursuing inbound foreign direct investment – combined to generate a sophisticated life science prospect for the region.


    Have a great 2011,


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