1. EDC Emphasizes Cooperation with Regional Partners

    There are two stories in today’s EDC Business News that have at their core the notion that cooperation is the key to economic development in today’s global economy. One story focuses on New England-wide collaboration, which recently led to the announced Northeast Utilities-N Star merger. Another describes how New England’s Knowledge Corridor received the largest (per capita) federal planning grant to assess opportunities in the Hartford-Springfield area, the new “Twin Cities”, according to Tim Brennan of the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission.


    The EDC has been a champion of this approach for over a decade. We are a founding (and still active) member of the Hartford-Springfield Economic Partnership, aka the Knowledge Corridor. We are a leader of the Massachusetts Business Resource Team (“BRT”), which coordinates state-wide activities for its numerous partners in business and economic development. The EDC has coordinated trade show missions and marketing programs for our BRT partners in the U.S. and in Europe. We participate with Team New England in its Discover New England for Business campaign. We believe that partnering with our Knowledge Corridor, Massachusetts and New England partners is the best way to get attention for western Massachusetts in the increasingly competitive global business landscape.

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