Groundbreaking for Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center Tuesday brought together the academic partners, local, state and federal legislative officials, Cisco and EMC representatives and the community to celebrate a significant investment in  the innovation economy  of MA in Holyoke. Located on the canals in downtown Holyoke, presenters noted that this site was selected because of its relatively economical, “green” energy ….the very foundation for  Holyoke’s development as the first planned industrial city in the Country. The HPCC is envisioned to play a critical role in supporting the development of an innovation district in the city and a next generation of development in the region.

    After the groundbreaking, over a hundred residents and business leaders joined Governor Patrick and other officials in a  town meeting format at Holyoke’s bustling new multimodal Holyoke Transportation Center and educational facility to discuss how the community and the region will collaborate to leverage  the HPCC investment to support the innovation economy in western MA.  With the backdrop of the canals and historic factory buildings, the discussion began to paint a vision of how private, government and academic institutions can work with the community to create jobs and encourage innovation in Holyoke and  the region.

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