1. Knowledge Corridor Campaign Marks Tenth Anniversary

    This month marks the tenth anniversary of the formation of the Hartford-Springfield Economic Partnership (“HSEP”) and our “New England’s Knowledge Corridor” business development campaign. Two members of the HSEP Steering Committee, one each from Connecticut and Massachusetts, have been making presentations to the Boards of Directors of our collaborating partners to mark the occasion, highlight the accomplishments of our first decade and talk about priorities for our second decade. For instance, Doug Fisher of Northeast Utilities and Tim Brennan of the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission presented to the EDC Board this morning. EDC President and CEO Allan Blair and Con O’Leary from Central Connecticut State College presented to the Plan for Progress yesterday.

    HSEP launched an updated version of its website -- http://www.hartfordspringfield.com/ -- this week. Following in the footsteps of the EDC’s successful news archive and daily news brief, HSEP will be using the same technology to compile relevant business news for the Knowledge Corridor and issue a weekly newsletter. The EDC encourages you to take a look at the new website and to sign up for the weekly news update.

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