1. Innovation in Health/Wellness, The Elaine Marieb Center for Nursing and Engineering Innovation

    Innovation in Health/Wellness, The Elaine Marieb Center for Nursing and Engineering Innovation

    Intravenous (IV) infusion pump systems are among the most recognized technologies in healthcare, used by about 90% of hospital patients. They’re also hopelessly out of date, Karen Giuliano said. “The design has been around a long time, and hospitals don’t buy one; they buy an entire fleet. They have to invest in training, service contracts, and IT infrastructure. To install a platform is a huge investment and effort.” And that has led to stagnation, she added. “Over 80% of pumps are really old platforms and don’t do the job they need to do. They’re not developed ...

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    1. We don't want to build a new pump; we want to build a set of requirements for manufacturers that have been sitting idle for too long without being forced to innovate for the safety of patients and the workflow of the nurses.
    2. Students have come out of here with a siloed education, nurses and engineers. There's not a natural inkling to work together; they might not even know the importance of collaborating in that way.
    3. I realized how important it was to have a front-end-user perspective built into the products rather than trying to back-engineer it when it's 90% done.
    4. Innovation is often accelerated at the intersection of different academic disciplines.
    5. If the same mistake is made over and over, it's a design flaw; it's not a user error.
    6. Having a better understanding of frontline clinician knowledge is a fundamental part of our overall program of research on improving the safety and usability of IV smart pumps.
    7. I realized I liked academia — I was a better student as a 40-year-old than as a 20-year-old — and I knew I wanted to go into academia and try to recreate the nurse-engineer pairing in the academic environment.
    8. The whole idea of this center is for academic clinicians, students, nurses, and doctors to bring in industry partners.
    9. This work that's being done will make its way to safety standards everywhere.
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