1. New Valley Bank Grows by Staying True to Its Philosophy

    New Valley Bank Grows by Staying True to Its Philosophy

    When BusinessWest spoke to Jeff Sullivan in late 2019, about six months after New Valley Bank & Trust opened in downtown Springfield — the first Springfield-based bank to open in more than a decade — he talked about focusing on smaller commercial loans than larger banks prefer to take on, and quick turnaround times as well. The driving philosophy, amid a landscape of ever-larger mergers and acquisitions in banking, was to serve small to medium-sized businesses in a high-touch way they don’t necessarily experience at large institutions. That philosophy is still true today — and it works, to judge by the growth ...

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    1. Some of our bigger competitors, just as a function of their size, have to do larger deals. It's just a math equation; they've got to feed a bigger engine.
    2. We evaluated it and thought it was a really good opportunity.
    3. I may not have told you at the time, but I was really struggling, and you guys really helped me out.
    4. Our industry was behind the curve in terms of adoption of technology in a lot of ways.
    5. That's a big part of our business for the future as well, just playing whatever small role we can play in wealth creation for those families, helping them to build wealth for future generations.
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