1. FORGE Continues to Connect Innovators and Manufacturers

    FORGE Continues to Connect Innovators and Manufacturers

    Kevin Moforte has traveled an intriguing road to his new role as Western Mass. director of FORGE. Before serving as executive director for EforAll Lynn, a nonprofit that mentors entrepreneurs on Massachusetts’ North Shore, he taught classes about entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainable development at colleges in Chile. He spent his early career working in community development and emergency housing in slums across Latin America, particularly in Colombia and the Caribbean. And in 2015, he founded Esperanza Soaps, a company based out of Las Malvinas in the Dominican Republic, bringing good jobs to the women of a impoverished community.

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    1. I love entrepreneurship. I think it plays a key role not just in building wealth, but in building healthy, prosperous, stable communities. So being engaged with entrepreneurs at different stages has always been a passion of mine.
    2. There are over 7,000 manufacturers right here in Massachusetts. A lot of people don't recognize that.
    3. We help them get ready to manufacture; we educate around getting their materials together, look through their specs, and make sure they have the appropriate amount of funding before they're connected with any manufacturers.
    4. So we've essentially flipped the script.
    5. How you design and manufacture your product can really make or break your product. There are a million pitfalls.
    6. During the pandemic, everyone was just in their shops, so we were calling and nudging and banging on doors and really re-establishing relationships.
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