1. Southwick Masters Delicate Balancing Act

    Southwick Masters Delicate Balancing Act

    Southwick residents love the natural beauty and the many recreation choices their town offers but they also like reasonable tax rates. Russell Fox, chair of the Southwick Select Board, said to accomplish both means business development must be part of the equation to ease the tax burden. “It’s a balancing act that the Select Board takes very seriously,” said Fox, who has been a selectman off and on (mostly on) for more than 40 years. “I would not want to see families who have lived in town for generations say they can no longer afford to stay here.” A ...

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    1. It's a balancing act that the Select Board takes very seriously.
    2. The parcel will be broken into five lots.
    3. It's a great idea for them to split up that parcel to make it more attractive for smaller businesses.
    4. Southwick's tax rate is competitive and should help the town to attract more business there.
    5. We are in the early stages of this project.
    6. When those are built, the people who live there will have close access to the Rail Trail and can easily walk to the center of town.
    7. People are very upset with us about their increased taxes and we tell them how the state sets the tax rate, we have nothing to do with it.
    8. Weir gates help us address flood control and keep contaminated water from flowing into the lake.
    9. This is a benefit to every water ratepayer and helps the town with improved water pressure.
    10. Because asphalt is petroleum-based, our paving projects now cost much more than we had planned.
    11. Everything we do must ultimately be approved by the voters at the Town Meeting.
    12. It's tough for one small community to budget for having a nurse on call, but with several towns paying it becomes more affordable for each town and it's financially worthwhile for the nurse.
    13. Based on ticket sales so far, the organizers are anticipating one of the largest events ever.
    14. The folks at the New England Disc Golf Center have told us people are playing hundreds of rounds of disc golf every week.
    15. In 2020 we had a rolling parade where we drove floats into neighborhoods and then last year we held a traditional parade.
    16. It's a good use of the money and it will improve the municipal center of our community.
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