1. ‘Together HCC’ Raises $192,000 for Scholarships, Student Aid

    ‘Together HCC’ Raises $192,000 for Scholarships, Student Aid

    Alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of Holyoke Community College led a historic day of giving last month, raising more than $192,000 for student support programs during its one-day “Together HCC: Drive to Change Lives” campaign.  Organizers had set a goal of 300 donors for the 24-hour, April 26, fund drive. The final tally was 418, a 41% increase from 2021.    “The ‘Together HCC’ campaign has proven to be one of the best examples of how much this community cares about the success of HCC students,” said Patrick Carpenter, HCC director of Institutional Advancement. “When we come together and give ...

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