1. For Mentors of Entrepreneurs, There are Many Kinds of Rewards

    For Mentors of Entrepreneurs, There are Many Kinds of Rewards

    There are many components to the region’s entrepreneurship ecosystem, perhaps none more important than the small army of mentors who are passing on what they know to a growing number of people looking to work for themselves instead of someone else. They impart to these entrepreneurs everything from the importance of understanding a spreadsheet to the notion that failure is … well, not unexpected and something to be learned from.

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    1. It is scary to be in the face of uncertainty, so I help them access their own inner resources, their own wisdom of lift experience to be able to make sound decisions.
    2. I tell them that numbers really matter — get to know the numbers.
    3. I tell them that networking is the key to building relationships.
    4. I tell them not to be afraid of failing — and for obvious reasons.
    5. I force them to realize that they're not alone, that they can rely on their mentors to help them.
    6. There's a lot to learn, and when we're in a space of learning, self-doubt comes in.
    7. I try to force them to think about what it is the customer really wants.
    8. I've learned a tremendous number of things that I never would have learned otherwise.
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