1. STCC, state Sen. Adam Gomez to host BIPOC business forum

    STCC, state Sen. Adam Gomez to host BIPOC business forum

    Springfield Technical Community College and state Sen. Adam Gomez, D-Springfield, will host a BIPOC local business roundtable on Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m., on the STCC campus.

    WHAT:                  The in-person event will feature a conversation between BIPOC business owners in the Springfield area. BIPOC stands for Black, Indigenous and people of color.  The forum provides an                               opportunity for members of the BIPOC business community to engage the senator in conversation about their needs. Note: Campus mask mandates are in effect.

    WHY:                    With the full attention of local delegates, the aim of this event is to raise awareness about existing resources for small business owners, provide an opportunity for the senator and            

                                 other local public officials in attendance to hear directly from local BIPOC business owners about barriers to success and to share information that ensures owners have the tools need to 

                                 grow their companies and consultancies.

    WHERE:              Springfield Technical Community College, Student Learning Commons (Building 19), Forum; 1 Armory St., Springfield

    WHEN:                 Friday, March 11, 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.

    WHO:                   State Sen. Adam Gomez, D-Springfield

                                 Dr. John B.  Cook, STCC president

                                 Dr. Shai Butler, Interim Vice President of Advancement and External Affairs at STCC

    About Springfield Technical Community College

    STCC, the Commonwealth's only technical community college, continues the pioneering legacy of the Springfield Armory with comprehensive and technical education in manufacturingSTEMhealthcarebusiness, social services, and the liberal arts. STCC's highly regarded workforcecertificatedegree, and transfer programs are the most affordable in Springfield and provide unequaled opportunity for the vitality of Western Massachusetts. Founded in 1967, the college – a designated Hispanic Serving Institution – seeks to close achievement gaps among students who traditionally face societal barriers. STCC supports students as they transform their lives through intellectual, cultural, and economic engagement while becoming thoughtful, committed and socially responsible graduates.

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