1. Banks, Credit Unions Find Many Ways to Give Back, Especially During Pandemic

    Banks, Credit Unions Find Many Ways to Give Back, Especially During Pandemic

    Banks and credit unions have long touted their role in supporting local nonprofits through philanthropic efforts, but those efforts took on more urgency over the past two years, especially in areas such as food insecurity and other basic human needs. But even before the pandemic, these institutions were giving back in ways that went well beyond writing checks, from participating in fundraising events in the community to promoting a culture of volunteerism among officers and employees. In other words, the needs remain numerous, but so do the ways to address them.

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    1. We just try to be resilient and strengthen our communities and nonprofit sector.
    2. We supported many local pantries and survival centers because the pandemic ramped up that need.
    3. During the pandemic, we were thinking creatively about what else can we do that's different than what we've done in the past to support different folks.
    4. We do have funding focus areas, as we call them, that are probably similar to other banks.
    5. We've given to specific COVID causes as they've come up over the past couple of years.
    6. Western Massachusetts is not only the bank's home, but home for many of our team members.
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