1. Area Chambers Adjust to New Roles, New Ways to Carry Out Mission

    Area Chambers Adjust to New Roles, New Ways to Carry Out Mission

    Area chambers of commerce, like businesses in all sectors, have suffered during the pandemic and faced a number of stern challenges. For the most part, they have come through these tough times — smaller in many cases, with many chambers now one-person shows — having proven their value and relevance after helping their members survive upheaval without precedence. The challenge moving forward is to rebuild their memberships, their financial foundations, and, yes, their staffs, while also creating new and different ways to maintain that relevance they found during the pandemic.

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    1. Part of it was attrition, part of its was budgetary as a result of COVID.
    2. As chambers stepped up, people saw us as a lifeline.
    3. Throughout all of this, chambers have really shown their relevance.
    4. There's definitely a need for these kinds of networking events.
    5. It has certainly not been easy, and chambers have to do more with less now.
    6. Dues started coming in, and people started getting creative about getting businesses into the chamber.
    7. We've transitioned to be more of a mission-driven organization than an events-driven organization.
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