1. Opportunities Abound for Graduates of Cybersecurity Programs

    Opportunities Abound for Graduates of Cybersecurity Programs

    Make no mistake, we live in an increasingly interconnected world, and the technology that makes that possible is always under threat from those who would mine, expose, and exploit data — often in life-altering ways. So while it’s no surprise that the cybersecurity field is rife with job opportunity, exactly how much opportunity (a half-million open jobs nationally, according to one study) may still raise eyebrows. Area universities with cybersecurity degree programs hope those statistics also raise interest in a challenging field that offers good pay and the chance to do some truly meaningful work.

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    1. The industry is changing so rapidly.
    2. We renew the courses every time we go live, sometimes two times a year.
    3. One problem with studies that collect information about you and release it later is the possibility that someone's personal details can be inferred by looking at the data set.
    4. Cryptocurrencies are one of the hardest challenges — no one is in charge, and people are exchanging things of value.
    5. We've done this for 34 students already, and the vast majority have stayed in the government after their service period is up.
    6. This program will help create a new generation of cybersecurity professionals and researchers to address novel and challenging problems facing society.
    7. This is why I get up in the morning.
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