1. MGM Springfield funds workforce efforts - BusinessWest

    MGM Springfield funds workforce efforts - BusinessWest

    MGM Springfield awarded approximately $15,000 each to four not-for-profit community partners, each of which provide education and workforce development for residents of Western Massachusetts.

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    1. For decades, WestMass has sought to benefit the communities and residents in our region through the development of business and industrial parks.
    2. The method to achieve success would be to get that expansion documented through not only text, but video interviews, high-quality images of past and current projects, and even drone video.
    3. We are very proud of this award and attribute it to the collaborative efforts of our stroke team.
    4. American International College is excited to offer both a graduate level program that offers courses focused on developing business acumen in a field that is experiencing a meteoric rise and a certificate program that is a business-based offering that provides courses in a developing field.
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