1. Small Businesses Seek Shelter from the Storm of Cyberattacks

    Small Businesses Seek Shelter from the Storm of Cyberattacks

    The recent spate of high-profile cyberattacks, many involving paid ransoms featuring six or seven zeroes, has brought an ongoing, and escalating, problem even more to the forefront. Businesses are being advised that the problem needs to be managed — before the worst happens. That means having a detailed plan involving many layers to keep things safe.

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    1. It's always easier to prevent diabetes than to treat it after the fact.
    2. Cyberattacks are really a numbers game, and small businesses are less likely to invest in the cybersecurity practices, so they're seen as low-hanging fruit.
    3. It is only a matter of time before any organization falls victim to one of these attacks.
    4. It got hit really hard, and they called us to help fix the situation.
    5. The phishing is getting more elaborate, and the social engineering that goes behind it is far more advanced than what we've seen in the past.
    6. You have to have all the other layers in place because you simply cannot rely on humans not to click on e-mails at the pace that they're required to do.
    7. Most companies do back up, but these malwares that do ransomware are pretty sophisticated.
    8. One of the things that's just awful is seeing people pay the ransom.
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