1. Hazen Paper Continues to Shine in World of Holographic Printing

    Hazen Paper Continues to Shine in World of Holographic Printing

    Hazen Paper, a third-generation family business that’s approaching a century in operation in the Holyoke mill district, has never stood still, expanding its operation over the years into facets like foil laminating, specialty coating, and rotary embossing. But its emergence over the past 15 years as an internationally celebrated producer of holographic printed products may be its most profound shift. Its entry into this niche was a calculated risk, the company’s co-owner said, but one that gradually paid off in a striking way.

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    1. When Colgate came out with a line of holographic packaging on their toothpaste … in the world of holography, the world of consumer packaging, that was a major event.
    2. We had to work with ITW, but we didn't feel like they were using their power very well.
    3. We create opportunities for young people to learn about the industry in general and our operation in particular — and expand our future talent pool.
    4. They always say it's dangerous to go outside your traditional business model, outside your wheelhouse.
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