1. National Science Foundation Grants $649,000 to Western New England University

    National Science Foundation Grants $649,000 to Western New England University

    The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded Western New England University (WNEU) $649,111 for a five-year grant to offer scholarships to students. The target populations are students who are high achievers in high school whose family demonstrates they will benefit from financial aid. The grant will create a community-outreach program to increase the number of high-school and middle-school students entering and succeeding in STEM fields.

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    1. The world needs the best and brightest minds to solve the problems of today — and those yet to be imagined.
    2. The premise is that the combination of research experience, to deepen the student's technical knowledge, and entrepreneurship skill development, to train the students to identify innovative opportunities and integrate classroom learning to create value for society, will improve the pathway to success for STEM students in achieving their career goals.
    3. The NSF grant is a vote of confidence that this program will advance the understanding of the relationship between the proposed activities and student success.
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