1. Paragus/Bay Path University - Cyber Audits!

    Paragus/Bay Path University - Cyber Audits!

    Cyberattacks represent the single greatest external threat to small business owners. Due to increased risk, through a partnership with Paragus IT, Bay Path University, and Strada Education Network, your western MA non-profit business may be eligible for a highly-subsidized, confidential Cybersecurity Assessment*.

    • Practical and cost-effective solution
      Made possible by a generous grant from the Strada Education Network, pay only $500 for your Cybersecurity Assessment, a service that typically costs $3K!
    • Significantly reduce your chance of becoming a cyber victim
      Opportunity to reduce your insurance premiums; receive a presentation of findings including Executive Summary, Internal/External Defense Strategies, 1-Year Simulated Phishing Attacks, and Expert Recommendations
    • Remote assessment
      Assessment completed almost fully remote, with the exception of one site visit. No involvement needed of your staff so your business can stay fully operational with zero interruptions

    Bay Path University provides a Cybersecurity assessor in partnership with Paragus Strategic IT. Businesses MUST be a non-profit located in western MA to be eligible.

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