1. Jacob’s Pillow Looks to Rebound from a Horrific 2020

    Jacob’s Pillow Looks to Rebound from a Horrific 2020

    or Jacob’s Pillow in Becket, the nation’s largest and longest running dance festival, 2020 was a lost year in almost every respect. That’s almost, and we’ll get to that silver lining, if it can be called that, shortly. First, all those losses. Jacob’s Pillow lost an entire season of live performances and all the revenue that comes with it, forcing a 50% reduction in the budget, layoffs, and other cutbacks. It also lost some momentum when it comes to fundraising, especially for a much-needed renovation of its main stage, the Ted Shawn Theatre, or the ...

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    1. We realized an audience for our virtual festival that had thousands more people than we could ever accommodate on the Pillow campus.
    2. We quickly realized that the Ted Shawn Theatre will not be viable as a theater in a post-COVID world without a ventilation system and air conditioning.
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