1. Co-working Spaces See Opportunities Beyond the Pandemic

    Co-working Spaces See Opportunities Beyond the Pandemic

    Since launching Click Workspace a decade ago, Mary Yun has seen nothing but growth in one of the region’s first co-working ventures. That growth led her to abandon her original 1,000-square-foot facility in 2015 and develop a 9,000-square-foot building in downtown Northampton, which, at its peak prior to the pandemic, hosted 80 members and a host of community arts and cultural events. “That was a good number for us, where we could operate with a full-time member advocate and myself as executive director overseeing all the operations and also working on events,” she said. “We’re mission-driven ...

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    1. When the closures happened, we closed down like all businesses, and we still had members supporting us, paying their monthly dues for a while. We had members who were now working remotely from home.
    2. Right now, we're down to less than 30 members, which is a huge drop in revenue.
    3. Like most businesses, we definitely lost some business.
    4. I'm sick of living in the city and running the rat race.
    5. I can live where the living is good but keep my big-city job.
    6. And we were honored to see a lot of members choose to stick with us and extend their membership even when they weren't using the physical space.
    7. It doesn't matter whether you have one person here or 50; you have all these fixed expenses.
    8. I think the future of the workplace is very much up in the air. There's no way to predict what the open concept will look like in five years time, but we have some good ideas.
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