1. Tourism and Hospitality Industry Optimistic for 2021

    Tourism and Hospitality Industry Optimistic for 2021

    Mary Kay Wydra learned a couple new phrases over the past few months. “The buzz term is ‘revenge spending,’” the president of the Greater Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau (GSCVB) said. “That is, ‘I’ll spend more on things I was denied because of COVID.’ Things like in-person entertainment, eating at restaurants next to people, and travel.” The other buzzword making its way around the tourism industry is ‘vacation retaliation,’ and it means roughly the same thing. She likes those phrases — or, more accurately, what those sentiments portend. “That bodes well for us as a region,” she told BusinessWest. “We are ...

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    1. Our clients are group-friendly restaurants and attractions interested in having motorcoach groups come to their establishments or attractions; we offer consulting and marketing for them.
    2. A lot of the tour operators that have been bringing groups here would just use this as a stopover because they're from all over the country, and a lot of them just think of Boston and the Cape.
    3. Everyone is poised and ready at this point to just go — let's hit the switch and move forward.
    4. Who would have thought, a year ago, that we couldn't go into a bar and have a drink?
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