1. University of Massachusetts Awarded DITTO Contract to Improve AI

    University of Massachusetts Awarded DITTO Contract to Improve AI

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded the University of Massachusetts Amherst Biologically Inspired Neural & Dynamical Systems (BINDS) Laboratory, the DARPA DITTO – Intelligent Auto-Generation and Composition of Surrogate Models project. This is one of the agency’s AI Explorations. UMass’s co-PI on this award is Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories. DITTO aims at developing an AI machine learning framework that can speedily simulate a complex system by automatically generating surrogate models for system’s component and integrating them into one design. The UMass-LM team seeks to design a machine learning framework with their Modular Knowledgeable AI ...

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    1. This is an exciting opportunity for Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories to work with the BINDS lab
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