1. Holyoke Looks to Regain Momentum

    Holyoke Looks to Regain Momentum

    When he made up his mind roughly a year ago not to seek re-election to the state House seat he had held for four terms, Aaron Vega had an informal list of things he would like to do next when it came to his career. Working in Holyoke City Hall certainly wasn’t one of them. But … things changed, in many ways, and in a profound way. For starters, the COVID-19 pandemic limited some of the other options he was thinking about professionally, especially those in higher education, economic development, and workforce development. More importantly, though, Marcos Marrero, the long-time ...

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    1. Working for the city wasn't really on my shortlist — and not in a negative way.
    2. That's been a huge financial hit to the restaurants and many other kinds of businesses.
    3. We understand scale, we understand supply chain, and we're going to be bringing that experience to Massachusetts as we build out our cultivation here.
    4. Things were happening in this city; the momentum was happening.
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