1. Healthcare Construction Is Picking Up, but Questions Remain

    Healthcare Construction Is Picking Up, but Questions Remain

    Ryan Pelletier says that, while it was “scary at times,” he believes life has returned to something approaching normal — although ‘normal’ is certainly a relative term — when it comes to construction within the broad and all-important healthcare sector in Western Mass. And he should know. He’s project manager for Houle Construction in Ludlow, a family-run operation (his father, Tim, is president) that does the bulk of its work within the healthcare sector, including projects for most area hospitals and a number of private practices as well.

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    1. We were very busy for a few weeks, and then … it just died.
    2. We've seen steel and lumber costs rise exponentially — they've almost doubled within the past year.
    3. They've kept us quite busy through all this because they've been ramping up and needed construction facilities to accommodate the work they were doing.
    4. We've really been refining how we lay these design/build projects out.
    5. Renovating existing space is almost always less expensive than building new, especially when you consider those amazing price increases we're seeing.
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