1. STCC Optics and Photonics Professor Wins Award for Leadership

    STCC Optics and Photonics Professor Wins Award for Leadership

    A Springfield Technical Community College (STCC) professor of Optics and Photonics Technology has joined 16 recipients from institutions worldwide in receiving awards and medals from the Optical Society (OSA). The 2021 OSA prizes include the Esther Hoffman Beller Medal, which went to Nicholas Massa. According to a news release from the OSA, Massa was recognized “for outstanding leadership in photonics technician education, including the development and dissemination of innovative educational materials.”

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    1. It's an honor and privilege to be recognized by the OSA and be part of an esteemed group of colleagues dedicated to advancing the field of optics and photonics.
    2. Dr. Massa inspires students and shares with them his passion for the program.
    3. For many years our Coherent locations in Connecticut have relied on Springfield Tech's Optics and Photonics degree program to fill our job openings with well-trained and well-qualified employees.
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