1. At Hadley Printing, the Presses Have Started Rolling Again

    At Hadley Printing, the Presses Have Started Rolling Again

    Chris Derosiers was searching for a way to describe what things were like last spring, at the height of what’s now being called the first COVID-19 surge. And he found an analogy that probably works for just about every small-business owner in this region. “It’s like being on the highway … you’re going to 65, 70 miles an hour and cruising along nicely, but with three-quarters of your trip still in front of you,” he said, effectively summing up how things were going during Q1 at Hadley Printing, the family-owned venture he serves as president. “And then … it ...

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    1. When this thing broke back in March, we were doing just great; everything was rocking and rolling, and we had a ton of work in here.
    2. We all know now that it wasn't an eight- to 10-week problem.
    3. A lot of the printers rallied together to fight and make the case that printing was essential.
    4. The difficulty that we have in the manufacturing world is that we have some pretty highly trained people who are very good at what they do.
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