1. Region’s Tourism and Hospitality Industry Proves Resilient

    Region’s Tourism and Hospitality Industry Proves Resilient

    When the Big E recently announced the sale of 100 ‘golden tickets’ — lifetime passes for the holder and a guest, plus parking and other perks — for $1,000 each, it was an exciting promotion for fans of the annual fair and a way to keep the event top of mind during a year when it was called off because of the pandemic.

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    1. Large fairs, by and large, are supported by taxpayers. We're not. We have to pay our own way.
    2. I think there will be pent-up demand
    3. People know they can come for a few hours, be safe, and go home.
    4. That's what makes Eastern States so important to so many people, whether you're somebody who loves the exposition or a neighbor providing parking or a local business providing laundry services or printing services, or a hotel.
    5. So many attractions are working so hard to make sure we're in good shape.
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