1. New 51-unit apartment complex to be built in Chicopee

    New 51-unit apartment complex to be built in Chicopee

    A 51-unit apartment complex is slated to be constructed across the former Uniroyal campus on an overgrown lot that has been vacant for at least 50 years. The two-building complex, located at the corner of Oak and West Main Streets, will have two three-story buildings with 42 apartments in one building and nine in the second. In total there will be 15 two-bedroom apartments, 21 one-bedroom units and 12 studios, Developer Craig Authier told City Councilors during zoning meetings.

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    1. The mill conversion district was created to try to preserve that history while trying to bring new life to the area.
    2. We are bringing back the residential density that was once there.
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