1. Hampden Papers of Holyoke to close after 140 years, sell assets to Kentucky firm

    Hampden Papers of Holyoke to close after 140 years, sell assets to Kentucky firm

    Citing lagging sales and the economic impact of COVID-19, Hampden Papers will close after 140 years. A Kentucky-based company will purchase the 100 Water St. company’s assets. Robert Fowler, Hampden Papers' CEO and president, will sell his shares to LLFlex. The deal was announced in a splashy YouTube presentation on Hampden Papers' website.

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    1. The loss of tax revenue and jobs alone could have a huge impact on the city, its residents and our local businesses. As a community, we need to work harder to foster our current businesses while we continue to grow and bring new business to our city.
    2. This is part of a very long trend in the paper textiles industry that hasn't really stopped.
    3. In the months ahead, I expect the City's strong positioning in the emerging Cannabis industry will likely make the Hampden Papers facility a significant draw for a new company, should/after the transfer of operations materialize.
    4. Working closely with the owners and executives of Hampden Papers has allowed us to create this unique combination of assets, capabilities, expertise, and unparalleled commitment to our customers.
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