1. Tourism and Hospitality Sector Ramps Up for Uncertain Summer

    Tourism and Hospitality Sector Ramps Up for Uncertain Summer

    As he talked with BusinessWest about his industry and his family’s hotel group, Kishore Parmar kept glancing back and forth between the lobby of the Hampton Inn in Hadley and the parking lot outside. He did so with a look that blended something approaching disbelief — still, after roughly three months of the same view — with resignation. “This lobby is essentially empty, and this is not how it is,” he explained. “If this were a normal day in June, you’d see families, you’d see business people in and out, there would be staff going up and down the ...

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    1. Safety is paramount at any tourism destination at this point.
    2. It was certainly challenging, but manageable.
    3. Here's my theory — nobody wants to get sick; nobody wants to get someone else sick.
    4. We'll have the clean team out in the museum unlike ever before.
    5. We had a plate full for this coming year, and we were very excited about it, but then we had it all taken away.
    6. If someone from Enfield wants to come to the Hall of Fame, they're not going to take a 15-day trip to see a one-day experience. So that's got to be clarified.
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