1. 2020 MassWorks Infrastructure Program Open

    2020 MassWorks Infrastructure Program Open

    The 2020 Round of the MassWorks Infrastructure Program is now open. The RFR and Application template are posted at: www.mass.gov/massworks. I have also attached them here for your convenience. Please note the following:

    The deadline for proposals is on August 28, 2020 at 11:59PM. EOHED will be hosting two informational conference calls to answer questions about the program (scheduled for June 22nd and June 29th). Details on the conference line # will be posted on the website closer to the dates. This year, the online application will be on IGX, the upgraded version of IntelliGrants, which should be available starting Monday, June 8th. A link to the application portal will be added to the website when it is ready. We will also hold an online training on the use of the new system (scheduled for June 24th). All program info and updates will be posted on the program’s webpage at: www.mass.gov/massworks.

    Please the check the EOHED website often for updates. You can email any questions to massworks@mass.gov.

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